Here are some of the common reasons why people reach out to me.

Men’s Issues

Men have challenges that are unique to men and there seems to be few safe places to go to get straight answers or to even just be allowed to say what you need to say. The best news is; no matter how you feel or what you say, I won’t judge you and you’re not alone.

Relationships and Family

Often the daily wear and tear of life, money, parenting, bad events, etc. beat us down and being a couple seems like more work. The joy and encouragement are gone. I work with you to take whatever is left of the relationship and restore it. And then, keep improving it.

Personal Development

If you’re willing to invest time and resources into yourself, you will improve. No one does this alone. It requires recognition that we’re best when we’re Interdependent rather than Independent. It takes community, accountability and Coaching. Good news, we can do that.

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor RTC, I feel my role is to validate you as the client while I offer objectivity and sound perspective as we work together. Book an appointment with me.